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Use Pulse to make all your inspections paperless, easy and secure. Pulse inspection app for IOS is completely free to use for teams of up to 10 members to digitize all checklists and conduct business audits and inspections to weave a safety ecosystem around your organization. Free trial available for all team sizes. Use for self inspections or special inspection units. It’s high-utility always, but of incredibly critical utility in the current scenario requiring high safety standards. Enhances the process efficiency of all your front-line and inventory audits—while cutting down costs. 1. Comes loaded with thousands of SOP checklists—created in collaboration with top experts from every industry 2. It’s 100% DIY. However, support, when needed, is always a phone call away Most common use cases for Pulse: Safety: All safety standards can be checked for any industry Site monitoring: Be it your store network or other work sites Quality Control: Hygiene, Safety, Maintenance, SOP check Operations: Increase operational efficiency Process excellence: Track and improve processes continuously Features Build checklists – Build tailor-made checklists to suit your ever-changing requirements. All this with minimal efforts without previous coding or design experience. Just drag and drop to create customized forms. Get access to thousands of checklists from our extensive library to begin your journey Effortlessly Assign actions – All your employees are empowered to convert every issue into action with a single click. Make every action that you assign to an understandable activity through the aid of photographs and additional notes. You can even assign the due date of an action. Easily spot trends in the actions and determine how to improve in the future. Prohibits “Gallery” uploads to ensure authenticity of photos – The staff doing the audit will need to click a photo instantly through Pulse and then upload it. Gallery uploads are not just prohibited, it’s strictly guarded so there can be no hacks around it. No limit on uploads – You can ask for as many photo uploads as you need. All data securely stored on cloud – Pulse prides itself on placing a priority on security so that we can safely deliver results fast that are enjoyable to our customers. Pulse’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Google’s secure data centers and utilizes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology. Google continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Integrates with your dashboards – Link the software applications you already use with Pulse to enjoy the power of multiple applications handling your requirements. API access is provided so that you can view the inspection data in your other dashboards. We support integration with all platforms. Powerful and advanced analytics engine – Pulse inspection app comes packaged with state-of-the-art analytics that automatically tracks, analyses, and reports the performance of your organization. Experience the power of an interactive dashboard and get a 360 degrees view of all the issues and actions that have been taken so far all in one window of your Pulse dashboard. Empowered Admins – You can share the templates with minimal efforts with the entire team. Also, schedule recurring inspections avoiding missing any inspection. Creating a group is as easy as adding teammates and create common permission for the entire group. As an admin, you are given complete access to manage group permissions to make your company data confidential. It’s Easy for all—even your least tech-savvy employees. Clients who have used Pulse describe it as the “best business app they have ever used!”. Are you ready to raise your standards with digital audits and inspections? Download Pulse today and try it out for free.

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