HHM – Health Hygiene Monitorapp开发定制公司哪家好

This app works with Viliso HHM device or any other similar device which interacts with the services from our Server. Viliso HHM device helps you know the quality of air around you. HHM device uses best quality gas monitors which are accurate and reliable. Health Hygiene Monitor (HHM) is a Device that monitors various types of Harmful Gases and Particulate Matter in air. HHM monitors invisible air constituents that can significantly impact our health and the environment. It tracks fifteen harmful gases & polluting elements that affects the quality of air like CO2, H2S, NH3, SO2, NO2, CH4, CO, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, O3, Bad Odour and Particulate Matter. If you own an HHM device or any other similar device, you can login via this app and monitor real-time air quality. Below features of mobile app are available to users who own HHM device: Device data – List of all HHM devices owned and added by you. Air quality data – Monitors 15 harmful gases and polluting elements. This data is refreshed every minute. Real time and Historical data – Analyse harmful gases and polluting element’s measurements through charts on Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis. Add users – You can add your friends/relatives as a user to view/monitor your device. You can see the additional users you have added to view/monitor your device. Alerts – You can set alerts for each element and device shall send notification as configured by you. Never miss an alert. You can track all alerts. You can view the entire app in 3 different languages viz. English, Hindi and Marathi. Below features are available to users who do not own HHM device: Track sanitation facilities like urinals/toilets near you and also helps you know their cleanliness level. It even helps you navigate to nearest sanitation facility. You can view the entire app in 3 different languages viz. English, Hindi and Marathi. Completely Ad free app. For more details you may visit our web site at www.viliso.in

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