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Dwight – Priority Task Matrix is a task management solution based on the Eisenhower principle, helping you filter tasks by urgency and importance and concentrate on what matters to you. This method requires group tasks and activities into four priorities based on urgency and importance and plan them ahead of time, before the next productive day. Priority matrix: – Important and urgent. – Important but not urgent. – Not important but urgent. – Not important and not urgent. It is essential to understand the difference between important and urgent tasks. Urgent tasks demand an immediate and fast reaction and are usually associated with dealing with someone else’s deadlines. Important tasks are achieving our long-term goals are often not urgent. To put us in the position to grow our business and careers, we should spend most of our time working on important and not urgent tasks and delegate all that is urgent but not important. To focus on growing yourself, delegate more if you can. “What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States. Key Features: – Create a task and put each into one of the Priority Matrix categories – Create a list, add an icon, and improve your productivity – Sort created lists using the native drag and drop behavior – Add a due date for each task – Use “Due Date” categories to check your schedule for today or tomorrow – Set a reminder and receive push notifications – Use the “Dwight View” and swipe fast between different categories – Switch between dark and light mode or use the system settings. – Change the priority matrix view – Use iCloud sync and manage your tasks on other devices – Plan a time to work on tasks with “Add to calendar” feature More to come: Atlassian integration for Jira and Confluence Cloud.

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