ArenaLinq is a football community where players and fans post their favorite training and match day videos from their local area. Our platform is designed to help professional scouts find talent anywhere in the world. Players – Build your player card, select your favorite videos, and update your location. – Maintain a professional profile that can be easily be tracked, shared, and reviewed. Fans – Know a few great players in your local area? You can record and post their content as well. – Scouts can track all player-verified content. – Post videos, discover players or just explore. Social Networking – Follow friends, teammates, and grow your network. – Record and post session highlights. – Share comments on how to improve skills on the pitch. – Create and follow hashtags to discover what’s happening in the game. Scouts – Filter for and locate players around the world using our custom tracking system. – Easily discover and track players anywhere. – Contact ArenaLinq to schedule a demo and learn more about our Platform as a Service (PaaS) pricing and availability. Important note – The ArenaLinq mobile app is for players age 13+. – The complete ArenaLinq platform is only available to qualified professional football organizations. – GDPR and safeguarding rules are strongly observed.

Connect Parking

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